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Pigment Printing Services in  Ghaziabad Delhi NCR

Printing Style

Our experienced team is capable of printing the most complex designs. We can print up to 15 colours in different repeat sizes on tables with flat screens. Our Printing tables allow us to print high number of colours on runs as low as 60 meters and upto 274cm wide; the flexibility of this facility makes it possible to reproduce the ‘bloom’ that was the hallmark of hand block printing.

Pigment Printing

Pigment dyes are used widely in the Home furnishing trade because they have the best all round wet, light and abrasion fastness characteristics. This is because they are permanently absorbed into the fabric (using our unique polymerizing facility) and not a coating on its surface. This greater depth of colour lets the natural beauty of the cloth shine through for longer. Pigment printed polymerized fabrics feel softer and resist wear, dry cleaning and washing better

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