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Fabric Calendering Services in  Ghaziabad Delhi NCR


Calendering of textiles is a finishing process used to smooth, coat, or thin a material. With textiles, fabric is passed between calender rollers at high temperatures and pressures. Calendering is used on fabrics such as sheeting, percale, linen, duck, drill also on cambric and some types of sateens.

The wash durability of a calendared finish on thermoplastic fibers like polyester is higher than on cellulose fibers such as cotton. On blended fabrics such as Polyester/Cotton the durability depends largely on the proportion of synthetic fiber component present as well as the amount and type of finishing additives used and the machinery and process conditions employed.


◘ Improved appearance – Lustre, Whiteness etc.,
◘ Improved Feel which depends on the handle of the fabric and its Softness, Suppleness, Fullness etc.,
◘ It improves the wearing qualities – Nonsoiling, Anti-crease.
◘ It gives special properties required for particular uses – Water proofing, Flame proofing etc.,
◘ It covers the faults of the original cloth.
◘ It increases the weight of the fabric.
◘ It increases the sale value of the material.
◘ It improves the natural attractiveness of the fabric.
◘ It improves the serviceability of the fabric.

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